What to Look for When Buying a Safe Room Door

If you think safety rooms are reserved for the rich and famous, you got it all wrong. Nowadays, these rooms have entered the mainstream, and prices are failing as demand increases from homeowners who are looking to make their homes safer. Check it out!

Definitely, your goal for having a safe room will tell you what type of safe room is right for you. If you’re thinking of a safe place for the family in the event of a home invasion, just convert any of the upstairs bedrooms for the purpose. If you’re planning to secure valuables or firearms, use an underground bunker. If it’s weather challenges you’re preparing for, such as a tornado or hurricane, then a reinforced closet can provide short-term safety.

No matter which part of your home you select, you should start with choosing a good safe room door. After all, this is what lies between you and the perceived risk.

Ready Access

A lock that is too complex can prevent you from seeking protection before an intruder gets a hold of you. So before you purchase a safe room door, check if the door can be easily opened. Of course, this is possible with the use of special technology, such as biometrics. Remember that during emergencies, speed is critical.


If you’ve spent a lot of time and money building a strong structure for your safety room, you don’t want to weaken it by adding an inferior door. Hence, careful selection is a must. Securing locks can be done in a variety of ways, but there are as many, if not more, hacks that may be used to beat them. Look for a door that is certified forced-entry resistance. You may start with a basic one, but you should be able to upgrade to a steel composite armor plating that is equivalent to UL level 5 standard. Talk to a trusted expert to know what options you have. View this site for or details; Cornell Innovative Door Solutions.

Locks Ala Vault

Pick a safety room door that uses a mechanical locking system like those that are used to secure massive bank vaults. This mechanical method gives unmatched protection to those who are inside it; a criminal will be unable to use any of your discreet entry methods. Moreover, this keeps you from having to depend on a power supply, which may be cut off in emergency scenarios.

More Tips

There are other things you need to take care of which are vital to your safety room. Have a wired communication line installed, for instance, so you can maintain communication outside should you be unable to use your cell phone for whatever reason. Also have sufficient food and water or a number of wireless hidden cameras in all the right spots. Definitely, a TV is necessary inside the room to allow you to view stream. For ore information click on this link; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safe_room.

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